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Natural Home Remedies For Winter's Ailments

Health Mad gives us a great article breaking down common winter illnesses with some super handy natural remedies you can find in your kitchen.

My personal favorites are:

*Brutal Ginger, Garlic, Lemon, Cayenne, Shoyu Tea. This killer combo of chopped ginger and garlic seasoned with lemon, cayenne and shoyu and steeped in hot water might be rather uncomfortable for some, but the healing properties of all the ingredients combined generally hits my cold outta the park.

*A Neti Pot and Saline Nasal Douche.  Cleanses the nasal pathways to not only rid them of the main germy entry point, but also soothes irritation.

*Oregano Oil.  Super harsh for some, but a few drops of this gem will supply you with more antioxidants than anything else and will help whip your sniffles into quick submission.

Some of theirs which I like as well:

* Chicken soup: it helps relieve congestion and other cold symptoms. Sipping the hot liquid will help loosen congestion in your nose and throat, which will help you, breathe more easily.

* Turmeric: add a pinch of turmeric powder in a glass of milk, 1/8 teaspoon white/black pepper, ¾ teaspoon honey, drink this mixture while still hot before bedtime and in mornings. It reduces the swellings, heals the inflammation inside the throat and stomach.

* Garlic: garlic capsules or extract in your diet it has antibiotic properties and helps the immune system. Fresh garlic cloves (two to three) can be chewed once every day.

* Onions: Onion juice mixed with honey helps loosen the mucus and relieve cough and chest congestion and soothes the throat. Onions helps sooth blood circulation, clearsclogged arteries.

* Vitamins: boost immune system with nutritional supplements vitamins C and E and zinc.

* Honey: cup of ginger tea with honey and two drops of lemon juice, honey is a powerful natural antibiotic. Drink it while it is hot very soothing to the throat and stops cough.

* Peppermint tea: is a natural decongestant and thyme is an expectorant, which helps you to cough more productively.

* Lemon Balm Tea: is soothing to the chest and throat it has anti-viral actions of lemon balm can treat any flu, drink lemon balm tea two times a day.

* Grapes: tone up the passages of the lungs and are excellent expectorants, coughs out mucus. Half cup grape juice with honey can relieve cough.

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