Yoga for Musicians and Artists Presents: Nov. 12-14 Yoga and Yarn for Ladies Only Heartland Retreat

Simple Social Kitchen has teamed up with Yoga for Musicians and Artists for another weekend retreat at  Heartland in beautiful Goshen, NY! This one is for ladies only and will focus on yoga poses that are specific to women’s needs. We’ll also have knitting and crocheting workshops for ladies of all levels interested [...]

Planning Ahead: Get Your New Year Stew On!

I like many of you have not been totally crazy about everything I’ve eaten these past few weeks. It’s inevitable with all the socializing the holidays bring that you’re going to have to make some compromises with your food choices. I don’t believe in a lot of restriction anyway, but like many, I sure didn’t [...]

The Healing Properties of Beets and Horseradishy Borscht Recipe

Beets are funny. So many people wrinkle their noses at the mere mention of them exclaiming “they taste like dirt!” Well, they can. They are earthy root vegetables after all and if the dirt is robust, it will definitely affect the taste of the beets. I love them and know a lot of people [...]

A Simple Social Friendsgiving Menu

Modern life means many of us live far away from our families and don’t make the trek home to see them on some holidays. I think this is most common on Thanksgiving (the slightly bogus anyway American holiday) where travel can be a nightmarish cluster, and our changing dietary choices can make for less than [...]

Simple Seasonal Menu No. 1

On Friday I was asked to create and prepare a menu for a potential client for Sunday evening. The restrictions were: vegan, seasonal and minimal garlic. I was excited about the potential client and challenged  by the menu as I rely quite a bit on garlic to add depth of flavor to most dishes.

On Saturday [...]

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